Episode 6: Take A Breath

Episode 6: Take a Breath

It’s another Thursday is here and let me grace you with my strangely pubescent voice.

This episode will talk about how to relax and will give you a few ideas to relax.

If you find my voice soothing enough, you can meditate to it. HA! Not really, would that be weird? Well, I do know a few people that like my voice and that’s okay.

Taking time to relax can be vital for both your emotional, physical and mental health. So listen to the podcast and learn a few tips.

I also want to thank you all for liking, commenting, and sharing my recipes, poems, and random advice.

I want to go forward and get more followers and be more engaged next month, so please let me know how I can connect with you.

I also read the poem “When the moon dreams”, you can hear it at the end of the podcast.

I read the most liked poem each week because I like you like that.

Please donate if you like what I am doing, just $2.00 can help me buy new spices and get more tea to write good content. The button is at the end of the page or under our “Supports Us” page. Thank you!

As always my friends, stay healthy, stay happy, and keep moving forward.


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