I Won’t Say I Love You

I won’t say I love you
Not this time
I won’t feel
The burden of my own affections
I won’t utter those words
Whether by fear of rejection
Or lack of respect
I won’t look you in the eyes
I won’t say those words
Whether from fear
That my tears won’t reach you
Or the simplicity of the fall
I won’t fall this time
I won’t look for you
Even if my heart beats
By some rhythm
Every time they utter your name
I won’t return this time
I’ll leave you
Just like you left me
Alone with my regrets
I’ll walk away
And never come back
I won’t stay
Your words
Mean nothing now
All I can hear is the breaking of a promise
All the lies
Even the sweet ones
Don’t mean the same
When your heart has left you with
Even in the grave
I won’t say goodbye
I won’t speak
Not to you this time
You have already left me
And this world behind
I won’t cry
Won’t think
Won’t feel
Even in this uncertainty
I won’t say I love you
Not this time
I’ll have the last words
Regardless of what I feel
I won’t utter a word
When you’re 6 feet deep. 

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