His Need

He needed failure
Like he needed air
It was the only thing keeping him alive
His past was laden with forgotten pleasure
Of his desire
His soul was a run-down car
In need of everything
While rejecting it all the same
He was tired
Tired of the hope
And Lies
Tired that his failure
Had not led to his demise
He wanted it all to end
To bid success goodbye
He needed failure
So that he could keep the hope alive
Contradictory in nature
That was his purpose
To fail
And fail again
While trying so hard to succeed
The rejection
Fed his insanity
Made him believe
That his own depravity
Was all he could afford
Taking moments
That seemed so pure
And rejecting the innocence
Of his past remorse
His desire
Was to be nothing
So that pity would carry him
Sympathy would be his friend
Good vibes
Would come his way
So he worked to fail
And in his failure
He finally found success 

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