Words Left Unsaid

Little raindrops linger on the crown of my head
I spent my last moments listening to the dead
“Take a dive,” they said
It won’t hurt at all
They pull
And Tug
At my will for life
It’s the anthesis of strife
Stifle my words
With hymns from the grave
Tuck away
My name
Their soul has lost its purpose
Now wandering in the abyss
The dead requests company
They’ll drag you down
To the depths of your depression
And take your crown
Listen not
To their call
Heed not their words
Close your eyes
For as long as you need
Take this word from me
For the dead
Can only warn you
Of their own failure
I’ve spent my last moments listening to dead
Angry cries in the night
Dangerous words take flight
Your regret
Can only lay on the shelf you desire
Raise it higher
Lest you forget
Take your time
Don’t listen to dead
Because words left unsaid
Carries their own regret
To the grave
Then in the silence of an eternity
They yell
Full of hate
Angry words
Shuffle into the darkness
Of an eternity
Of ambiguous uncertainty 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ayshia says:

    This is beautiful. I think everyone can relate. Heed their warnings but don’t let them distract you from living. Needed this.


    1. jjnibbs says:

      I am glad you liked it!


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