A Letter of Apology

I wanted to say I was sorry

Your words never hurt me

I forgive you

My bitterness has passed

died in its own grave

But each step closer brings me pain

I love you was never the same

Dark wounds don’t heal

How was I suppose to know how you feel

Who was I to fix you

Yes I was bitter but Dad

You should have protected me

I would have known then that you loved me

Your words carry no merit

You don’t mean it

I only see you through the past eyes

Fixed on your flaws

How was I to see different

How was I to know

That you wanted to change

Your ship has sailed

Your train has left you behind

Your words leave no comfort

I walk on eggshells in your leave

I do not trust myself to speak

I’ll just tell you lies

I’ll nod and smile

I am my own deceit

My own traitor

I forgive you

I no longer hate you

The only person I hate is

the one that looks back at me

When there is no one left to speak

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