Teardrops fall like rain on her cheeks

She is ill-content at the life she seeks

There is no happiness

In the little moments, she finds rest

She can not go on

Doubt clouds her mind

No Certainty

Can undo her disbelief

She has lost her faith

To one less than herself

And in the night she cries for help

Her voice reaches the heavens

And floats to the clouds

Yet her doubt keeps her grounded as if there were no way out

She cries and begs for forgiveness

One as lowly as her

Tears stain her face

Yet she bows, for years in the same place

Her knees have gone cold

Mumbled words come from her mouth

The line between praying and begging

Has long been crossed

Her unanswered prayers

Make her crown

And in her doubt, she drowns


Grasping for air

She drowns weighed down

By her own disbelief

That life was never hers to seize

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