Hope dances on the wind

Whispering in a sweet soft voice on the darkest of nights

When the world has gone cold

And there are no fires to scare away the night

Hope lingers on the lips of lovers

It clings to goodbyes as if they were not so

It wishes for tomorrow

Hope is a torturous friend

It snickers at your dreams

And tells you to come again

It is witty and wise

Holding on to the one thing you ever wanted

Hope lies within the confines of our own inability

For when we hope

We touch the sky and all that dwells therein

Hope is a masterful friend

Never offering enough

But always lingers just outside of your touch

It draws you in

Then turn its back

There is no greater pain than hope

Hope for tomorrow

Hope for change

Hope lingers just outside of the frame

Never close but always just yonder

It beckons you

Like a siren or a flute

Then drowns your soul in the things lest hoped for

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