A Father’s Dreams

A mother’s tears teach young girls to be sad

Because Dad was never the man you thought he was

He was never as sweet or as kind

He lost his love while searching for a dream he could not remember

Father never loved like her like he did a dream

Maybe it was hope that killed him

Or the closed doors

Oh he how he would beat against them

Pleading to be let in

Just one more chance

One more time to get it right

One more yes

One more year to prove his worth

But dad, you were always my yes

Always so sweet

Harsh words don’t mean the same when you are weak

You didn’t mean it,

You never do

So dad go chase your dreams

Until they mean to you as much as I do

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  1. PMu says:

    Ouch, this one hurts a little. Very beautiful still


    1. jjnibbs says:

      Unfortunately. This poem means so much to me. It was what I used to cope with my disappointment

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