The Wind

The wind laughs through the trees

It breezes by the lake

And runs to play in the meadow with Autumn’s leaves

It whisp and swings on butterfly’s wings

Whispering sweet giggles in the ears of young and old

It dances on the corner and tickles your nose

Pokes you as you come close

It shuffles in the streets

And marches to the beat

It skips across your top lip

And chuckles to itself

Climbing up the mountain

It reaches for air

And then blows the snow into the air

Knocking on windows and doors

It greets the morning while you still snore

It jumps to the windchimes and dances around

And when evening comes

It takes its rest on the ground

A day full of play has gone by

And the wind shall start again!

But not tonight

As it slides through the trees

Stretches its hands to the meadows

It waves farewell

It must now sleep a spell

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