Tear stained cheeks

Tell a story that my heart can merely utter

The words have lost their way in my throat

The depression is eating me alive

Colors draining from the world around me

Irritation kicks in

Agitation takes its place

I am a lost child

Frustration has come to play

My heart beats fast

I am a disappointment

I know that I have failed

The voices tell me so

The pain is unbearable

I am angry

Yet Sad

What is this muddle of emotions?

I can’t tell my guilt apart from my satisfaction

The lines run together

Separation no more

In this dark corner of my mind

I am a child

Scared of the dark and terrified of the light

It hurts this feeling of skin

Please rescue me from this mood I’m in

I can’t think clear

Here in this dark corner

I am drowning

Yet swimming just the same

No hope looks for me

Despair has become my friend

And misery my company

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