I Will Be Waiting

My bones are old

This casket holds what’s left of me

The dead don’t need remembering

They don’t need caring for neither

No one listens to the dead

Though we knock

Scream words of advice

“No don’t go down that alley”

No one listens to the dead

March on to life

Make love to your wife

For she is lonely

Soon I will be gone

And all that could ever be remembered about me

I will fade from history

And my story will be forgotten

If I had one more thing to say

Goodbyes were never my strong suit

So instead, I’ll see you on the other side

For now, I’ll keep you company, my love

I will watch over you this time

And when you die

I’ll be there to greet you

Like an old friend

Like a lover

With arms open wide to happily ever after

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lei Esther says:

    Started hurtful. Ended sweet and moving. Another nice work! 🙂


    1. jjnibbs says:

      Thank you! It means a lot to me that you like them!


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