Is the Keto Diet Safe?

Well, what do you think? Or better yet let me qualify that sentence. Is the Keto diet safe for long term consumption and sustaining your overall health?

The short answer is no.

Your body will deteriorate. The common analogy is if your body was a car and you place a premium gas in your non-premium car. Yes, your car could use the gas to go forward but after a while, the engine will start to wither down. The same goes for the type of food you eat. I am not saying you shouldn’t eat good or high-quality food, because you should.

I am however saying is that the quantity of fat, protein, and carbs you intake has a direct effect on your life. The Keto diet is great from short term results but in the grand scheme of things, will it give your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly.

You should moderately consider different foods for your body type. You can tell when you need to lay off fast food for a while or when you need to drink more water. Your body talks to you, so be a pal and listen to it.

As always, Stay happy, stay healthy, and keep moving forward.

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