The Lament of the Lost

Our Blood stained banners has risen in the sky tonight

Heed the call

Come join the war

Before it comes knocking at your door

Ladies and Gents

Prepare yourself

Your blood will line the floor

This is not a war you can win

You are the dead

And the dead has no place among the living

Do you feel the dread and doom of your demise

Heed the call

Come join the war

Pick up your guns

And bullets too

Let me show you who to kill

Traitors to the crown

They shall surely drown in the corruption of their own deceit

And they will fade from history

Like all villains do

Their stories will vanish

And their cause will die

Long live the crown

Who brought the war to our doors

Long live the king

Who wasn’t afraid to win

In the battle of our demise

All hail to the general

Who killed our men

Godspeed to the soldier

Who left his home to play pretend

Go on my dear citizen

You have slain us all on this fair day

And don’t forget the little child

Our blood has watered the plants you eat

All hail the kingdom

Who honour our defeat

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