This year bet on yourself with Waybetter Inc.

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Losing weight is a test of perseverance and will power. Each day you have to continually decide to change and move forward. I’ll admit that it’s not an easy process and probably why it’s a 3 billion dollar industry. There are personal trainers, diet teas, activewear, medical weight loss, weight loss pills, gyms, yoga studios, fitness centers, and the list goes one.

Personally, your weight loss journey should be less about going to the greatest place and more about finding a supportive community. You don’t have to look too far to find one either, they are all over the place. People track their weight loss journey on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms. They want to be kept accountable and to have that camaraderie push you forward to be the best you can be.

Waybetter Inc. has made it possible to have fun with a support system of thousands of people while you lose weight. Their founder and CEO, Jamie Rosen, has built his company on making losing weight fun and hopefully easier. Waybetter Inc has three main apps that you should probably check out this year. I have personally used two of them and while I haven’t lost a lot of weight with their app, I appreciate the community they have created.

Stepbet: My First Bet

Stepbet is a very simple concept. You can find their app in your phone’s version of the play store and their app compatible with both apple and android. You will be given a daily amount of steps that you have to reach in order to stay in the running. Each game is hosted by someone either on their own weight loss journey or wanting to encourage those who are struggling to get in shape. The bet amount varies from game to game but it is common for the bet to be $40. Games normally last 6 weeks and you must meet your goal each week if you miss a day you can say goodbye to the money you bet.

From personal experience, I love Stepbet. It’s easy to understand and the step goals are achievable. You will be given two goals; an active goal and a power goal. Your active goal can be anywhere from 2,000 steps less than your power goal to several thousand steps apart. Currently my active day step goal is 7,415 steps, which is a little bit over two miles. My power day step goal is 9,448 steps, which is really close to the number of 10,000 steps the American Heart Associations says we should take daily.

The Take-Away

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This simple app makes going for a walk something I want to do. I want to get up and move around. After the first two weeks, it stopped being about not losing my money and just forming a better habit. These days if I haven’t gone for a little walk during the day, then I feel restless. But this can be a bad thing. I don’t want to feel like I am nothing without exercise. I know that exercise is good for me and at the end of the day I want a better me. There are tons of things I want to do with my life and having a fit body will definitely help me achieve my goal.

The community that Waybetter Inc. has created with their simple app is what we need in this new age of fitness. So to all my peeps out there thinking about moving towards a healthier lifestyle give them a try. They also offer Runbet and Dietbet.

You can join their membership for $50 for the year or just pay for membership per game. Please note that you don’t have to be a member to join in a game. Having a membership lets you play three games at a time but you will need a membership with each app. You can use the same login but you just have to pay again. That may have been the only thing I found annoying about the apps. It would make perfect sense to a customer to receive a discount for another membership but I guess at the end of the day it’s still about the money.

Go check out their apps and give them a try. Dietbet has three games you can play: Kickstarter where you have four weeks to lose 4% of your body weight, Transformer where you have six months to lose 10% of your body weight and Maintainer where you literally maintain your weight for four weeks. I would like to also note that Transformer is broken down into monthly goals for 3% of your body weight to make your goals achievable.

As always stay happy, stay healthy and continue to move forward.

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