Have You Tried Primal?

Did you know coconut flour was a thing? No?

That’s okay. I only found out two years ago when I tried the Primal Blueprint Diet by Mark Sisson.

He proposes that we change our mindset on how we view our “diet” and instead take a lifestyle change. From intermittent fasting to strength training, he has figured out how to balance food and life and for the most part it works wonderfully for a lot of people. His diet is similar to paleo but you get to keep a few more of the good stuff.

Grains and vegetable oil is not apart of the foods that you can eat, so no rice, corn, canola oil or bread. There are a few exceptions to the rules however you can eat wild rice and sprouted oats bread. You are not allowed to eat legumes and can only semi-indulge in alcohol and chocolate.

If you have never thought about how your diet affects your weight loss journey or just your overall health in general, then you should. 90% of what you eat affect your overall health rather than the 10% of exercise that contributes to your health.

Personally, I like the primal lifestyle because it teaches you to think differently about food. Taking time to focus on what goes into your body and learning how food reacts to your body is more important to your overall health than you can imagine. Did you notice that I said “primal lifestyle”?

The way you eat should be a part of your lifestyle. Your diet dictates how you will react to things, whether or not you will take that extra mile or just continue to go about life without changing yourself or your habits. You are an important factor in whether or not you become a better person in any perspective.

Even though I personally love the primal lifestyle, it’s not for everyone. Your body is different from mine and you may not have the same allergies as I do. So get out there and do your own research. Find the perfect lifestyle that helps you become your best self.

Stay happy, stay healthy and remember to keep moving forward.

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