The ABC’s Of Spice

Anise Seeds

Hello again. Did you miss us? No? Well that’s fine we don’t have any friends anyway. What we do have however is spices. Spices can do amazing things. They can change the flavor of a meal and even turn something from sour to sweet.

Today we will be talking about Anise seeds. You may of heard of these or maybe not, we don’t know your life. You could be an alien with four tails… well maybe not. How would you even take care of your four tails?

Anywho …

We got distracted, now back to Anise Seeds. Their origin like a lot of different spices comes from Egypt. These little jewels pack a punch of flavor, the taste is  almost like licorice. They are great for baking and sautees. If you find yourself with a little bit of these in your cupboard throw them in a cake or a cupcake of your choice.

If you don’t want to use it in baking try using it in a sauce. Think of blending the flavor with garlic and onion, you could even add some apple juice and boil it down to a thin sauce and serve it with a nice piece of lamb or steak.

Want a recipe? Check out our Plum cake with Anise Seeds. We love it and often eat it with ice cream.

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