A Forever Eater?

Man eating a pumpkin

Are you a forever eater?

Never heard of it?

That’s okay, I just made it up. A forever eating is someone that is always eating throughout the day. Not saying eating is bad for you, science has proven that food is often good for you. When we eat excessively that is where the problem lies. Overeating can actually damage our bodies to various degrees. And let’s be honest you shouldn’t beat yourself down about food. Instead you should notice the impact it has on your health and want to do better. If you start to feel bad about it then remember that you are not alone.

No worries, I do it as well. Most days when I am cooking dinner I eat as I go. By the time dinner is ready I don’t feel really hungry but still feel the need to eat the meal I just slaved over for the past two hours. The key here is to notice your relationship with food and then desire and work towards a better one. After I noticed that I basically ate my way through making dinner, I changed my approach to how I test my cooking for the right flavor.

Rather than just picking at the meal, instead I made sure to measure twice and only taste once. Cooking is an art form but many times it can be our demise.

So if you are a forever eater then don’t worry. Notice your patterns and then change them. If you fail today, then tomorrow is always a new day to get back out there and show the world just how strong you really are.

Stay happy, stay healthy and remember to keep moving forward.

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